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Rapala - Neck Buff - Steelhead


Rapala - Neck Buff - Steelhead


Rapala - Neck Buff - Steelhead

  • Authentic Buff® brand headwear of fishing mask.
  • UV Buff®multi-functional headwear wicks away sweat to keep you cool, prevents odors with Polygiene® active odor control.
  • Protects you from damaging UV sun rays.
  • Micro-Fibre material is designed for extreme comfort in the heat or cold
Some say it’s only a neckthing. But this “neckthing” will keep you warm or cool, while protecting you from sun, wind dust and even light rain. It’s no wonder that ORIGINAL BUFF® is the most essential accessory for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s easy to stow in a pocket to have it handy for any kind of changing weather: sunny days, sudden cold wind or sweat dripping into your eyes while running up a steep hill. Wear it around your neck, as a toque, as a headband or in any one of the more than 12 ways. Our Angler UV BUFF® has been created for fresh and salt water anglers. Easily pulled up over the face, 50% UV protection will save you from sunburned lips and face, keeping mosquitoes off your neck at the same time. Angler UV BUFF® with the best features to enjoy a day of fishing.

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